Full management service

When you sign up for the full management service by the end of December, we guarantee to let your house or flat for the next academic year. We do this every year for every single property we manage; 95% are let by the end of January. You won’t pay anything until you start receiving income from your tenants, and then our fees are fixed at 11% (plus VAT) — with no additional charges, guaranteed.

When you put your property in our hands it’s all plain sailing: we take care of all the marketing, viewings, administrative and legal tasks.  With no upfront fees, minimal effort and guaranteed occupancy, you'd be silly not to.

Saving you money on maintenance

Lots of maintenance call-outs could be avoided, so, before we call a tradesman (which costs you a minimum of £60) we pay a personal visit.  Quite often, it's a simple problem which can be resolved by ourselves in a few minutes.  And, yes, this service is on-the-house.  We don't add any extra charges onto tradesman's  bills, pay the bills upfront on your behalf (deducting from your monthly statement) plus it allows us to keep on a keen eye on your property.

Tenant find
We offer a ‘tenant find’ service, handling the marketing, student introduction and administrative work before handing this over to you to manage.  For this service we charge 50% + vat of the first month’s rent. Because we only deal with student properties, we are known by the student population in Falmouth and Penryn, and trusted by the university.

Vetting, inspections and rent reviews

Tenants are fully vetted and selected with great care. We always ask ourselves, "Would we want this person living in our property?".  Quarterly inspections are carried out, for fully managed properties, to make sure your investment is being looked after.

Rents are revised at the end of each years tenancy and we advise you whether to adjust it, based on comparable properties in the market and the condition of your property at the time.  Not only that, we also put forward recommendation on how to improve the condition of your property which thereby increases your return on investment.

All deposits are secured with My Deposits Protection Scheme to cover any damages or make up any shortfall in rent payments.