Increase the sale value of your property


Here are some of our top tips to increase the sale value of your property.

Clear the clutter

Pack bits and pieces away.  File paperwork.  Clear the rooms and create more space and light.  It's easier for buyers to visualise their belongings in the property if they can see the space.

Tidy the garden

First impressions count so mow the lawn, trim the hedges or jet wash the paving.

Fix small defects

You want the property to be presented in the best possible light.  Fix broken doors, holes in walls, mouldy sealant or dripping taps.


Nothing refreshes and revitalises a space better than a lick of paint.  Everything from internal walls, skirtings, garden gates to garage doors; don't be shy.

Clean kitchens and bathrooms

These 2 rooms in the house should be presented as clean and tidy as possible as they normally make the biggest impression on buyers. You might not be able to install a new kitchen or bathroom, so use elbow grease to really lift these 2 rooms.

Update services

Updated electrical, heating and plumbing services will significantly increase the re-sale value of the property. For instance,  a property with good energy performance, central heating and a new boiler will always do better than property that lacks this.

Doing the little things makes a big difference and will help you achieve the best sale value for your property.